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Keeping our waters blue and our planet green

Here at Boatsetter, our team is conscious of the impacts that we have on our environment and our planet's waterways. We carry a saying, close to our hearts and top of mind, that we like to call #MindYourWake.

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#MindYourWake reminds us—and our community of boat owners, renters, and captains from across the globe—to consider the impact we have on our marine environments, and take actionable steps towards cleaning up our waterways and following sustainable boating best practices.


Boatsetter's Sustainability Mission

"At its core, Boatsetter's #MindYourWake sustainability initiatives are all about education, action, and partnerships. Bringing awareness to the environmental sensitivities of our communities is the first step to educating our users on ways to reduce their 'wake print' and practice sustainable boating."

Green boating begins with us

The #MindYourWake movement is Boatsetter's company initiative to inspire people to consider their own impacts on their local marine environments and ecosystems.

Join the #MindYourWake movement and stay green so our waters can stay blue (and have a bit of fun on the water along the way).

Boatsetter team

#MindYourWake by the numbers

$20000 +

Money donated


Pounds of trash collected


Sponsored clean-ups

20 +

Employee participants


Waterways impacted

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Boatsetter clean up

Join us for waterway clean up events

Our waterway clean up events are one way to make an immediate positive impact on marine life and local waterways. Join our team as we come together with our communities to pick up trash and debris from beaches, rivers, and canals—and have some fun while we're at it!

Join Us
Boatsetter clean up

Inspire others

Share your experience with your friends and family on social media using our hashtag #MindYourWake! Follow and tag @Boatsetter in your own photos and videos for a chance to be featured on our feed. Show the world how you #MindYourWake.


Always be sure to #MindYourWake as you...

pass other boats or personal watercraft.

navigate sensitive areas that are home to endangered animals.

refuel at your local gas dock to prevent spills.

clean, drain, and dry your boat to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.

navigate through shallow waters and seagrass beds.

dispose of waste, sewage, fishing line, and bait.

search online for more sustainable boating practices.

Want to learn more?

For more information on our sustainability and community outreach, visit Boating Resources.