Summer Travel Trends

Boatsetter’s Summer Travel Trends for 2024

Whether you’re planning a visit to a National Park or in search of unique experiences, the key takeaways of 2024 summer travel trends that follow are supported by various market [...]

best golf courses for boaters

5 Best US Boating Destinations for Golfers

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A Florida Panhandle Boating Guide: Best Destinations Along the Emerald Coast

It’s no secret that Florida is a boater’s paradise, offering an expansive 1,350 miles of breathtaking coastline. With so many stunning destinations to choose from, planning your next boating adventure [...]

what are hydrofoil boats
10 Best Places to Watch Fireworks

10 Best Places to Watch Fireworks by Boat Around the US

On the Fourth of July, people all around the United States will be in celebration. With a maritime history reaching as far back as the discovery of the New World, [...]

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